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Here we’re edging into summer and Farmers’ Markets abound! Every time I go to my local Farmer’s Market, I find the most vibrant displays of vegetables and a bounty of great homemade breads and other baked goods from local vendors. Despite the fact that you may not live in or near an agricultural community, here is some basic information to allow you to know that your vegetables are at their freshest? Even at the supermarket, this handy little guide can allow you to find the vegetables which are in the peak of the season to guarantee crispness.

But some vegetables are at their peak during early summer rather than when the season begins changing into early autumn. All of these vegetables have a fairly short maturation period which enables them to peak at the start of the mother plant starts to grow ineffective as the weather grows dryer and hotter. This is also the peak time to choose bright yellow summer squash that is a smaller assortment of your skillet.

Vegetables with a short maturation period and a long performance period (which means they bear fruit continuously for a longer time) will also be prevalent this time of year and into early fall. These vegetables consist of broccoli, cucumbers (Wildlife Control New York), and tomatoes. Lettuce, spinach and sweet corn are also very good choices for this time of year since they grow rapidly and most farmers maintain a constant crop of them throughout the summer periods. Early fall brings about a bountiful harvest of squash, pumpkins and zucchini.

Since each of these vegetables are at their peak performance period, they can also be bought cheaply. Each of these vegetables can be frozen either by scalding methods or freezing directly so you can enjoy fresh vegetables all year long without paying high prices in the winter when the crops are gone.

Make sure you stop by your local Farmer’s Market! Not only will you be getting the best vegetables your local area has to offer but you will also be supporting your local farmers!

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